New isekai anime release time I Want to Be a Dark Lord and the latest information

Adapted from the best-selling light novel of the same name, the anime Eminence in Shadow – I Want to Be a Dark Lord will air this October. Details of this “special” isekai title are as follows!

What is Eminence in Shadow?

Eminence in Shadow – Kage No Jitsuryokusha Ni Naritakute – I Want to Be a Dark Lord is a light novel series written by Aizawa Daisuke. The work is in the isekai genre with the main character Cid, who instead of wanting to be a hero, wants to become a “dark lord”, the one who pulls the strings of all events. After reincarnating into the new world and possessing special abilities, Cid began to fulfill his ambitions.

Bringing the story of “power illusion” but with many interesting details, Eminence in Shadow has received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. The light novel was later adapted into a manga. Recently, Eminence in Shadow has also been adapted into an anime.

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I Want To Be Dark Lord anime adaptation

anime i want to be the dark lord

According to published information, Eminence in Shadow – I Want to Be a Dark Lord will be adapted into an anime by studio Nexus, the name behind Darwin’s Game. The team involved in this project includes:

  • Directed by: Nakanishi Kazuya.
  • Character designer: Iino Makoto.
  • Script supervisor: Katou Kanichi.
  • Music: Suehiro Kenichiro.

Eminence in Shadow’s seiyuu series has been announced almost fully so far with the participation of many familiar names. We have:

  • Yamashita Seiichirou as Cid
  • Fairouz Ai as Delta.
  • Hidaka Rina as Claire.
  • Minase inori as Beta.
  • Seto Asami as Alpha.
  • Kanemoto Hisako as Epsilon.
  • Mimori Suzuko as Gamma.
  • Asai Ayaka as Zeta.
  • Koudou Reina as Eta.

Like any other anime, Eminence in Shadow will also have an Opening and an Ending. OP will be OxT’s “HIGHEST” and ED will be “Darling In The Night” with the performance of seiyuu voiced group “Seven Shadows”.

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Eminence in Shadow anime broadcast schedule

In the latest announcement, the anime Eminence in Shadow – I Want to Be a Dark Lord will start airing from October 5, 2022. Subsequent episodes will premiere regularly and every Wednesday.

Among the upcoming isekai anime, Eminence in Shadow is a name to look forward to. Let’s wait and see if this cartoon title will create any surprises in the fall 2022 anime!

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