My Hero Academia: In chapter 360, Bakugo might be the next character to be ‘discolored’

In the last chapters of My Hero Academiafans have witnessed a quite eye-catching battle between All For One and the superheroes as well as the students of UA. And in the most recent chapter, it is the battle of UA. Katsuki Bakugo with All For One.

With countless new upgrades, Bakugo has given All For One a lot of destructive attacks. But with only one chapter, when officially entering chapter 359, the fate of this superhero seems to be quite sad. One source even claimed that the author of My Hero Academia is planning to let Bakugo ‘fly in color’ in Chapter 360. What is the truth about this? Let’s find out with

My Hero Academia's Bakugo is 'suspected' of having to 'lay down' in the next chapters

Specifically that in My Hero Academia Chapter 358, Bakugo revealed a devastating new technique called Howitzer Impact: Cluster. With the help of his other objects, Bakugo can create massive explosions in all directions.

However, the joy didn’t last long when the manga moved to chapter 359, Shigaraki was able to capture ‘s right hand Bakugo, causing it to break during combat. The villain was only slightly burned. Meanwhile, Bakugo I can’t help but lament that I can’t do anything against Shigaraki

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Although Bakugo has been upgraded, it still seems unable to defeat the final boss of My Hero Academia

With things going from bad to worse, it’s hard for all professional superheroes to survive this battle in the world. Chapter 360. Since then, fans have also secretly understood that every student of UA is also in a very dangerous situation, especially Bakugo.

Despite his role as one of the main characters of My Hero Academia, then Bakugo at the moment also received a lot of theories that he will have to lie down in the next chapters. And what is believed to be the reason is none other than being discolored by All For One.

Another thing is that there is a high possibility that Bakugo might sacrifice himself to save Deku’s life. Because as fans know, all OFA users (except All Might) get ‘discolored’ pretty early. So Deku (Midoriya Izuku) is being ‘suspected’ of having to lie down the most. But surely Bakugo will not allow that to happen, thereby sacrificing to save Midoriya.

Another possibility is that Bakugo will sacrifice himself to protect Midoriya of My Hero Academia.

Umbrella Bakugo They also have quite a large fan base, but the creators of the Shounen manga are always prepared to lose followers when taking the plot of the series in a sad direction. And the author of My Hero Academia is no exception. So now fans can only wait Chapter 360 of the published series. So, meFans, please follow to keep up with the latest news of My Hero Academia Please.

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