McDonald’s employees stole Pokemon cards from the store to sell

Pokémon cards are back in McDonald’s Happy Meal, and a store employee “quickly” smuggled them out for sale.

Set Happy Meal of the McDonald’s Pokemon cards have recently been bundled, and fans of these creatures are trying to collect as many of them as possible. But sadly, there are some who have sought to profit from this craze.

Unlike the mainstream Pokemon cards, the cards issued by McDonald’s aren’t necessarily the most valuable, but some of them can sell for quite a bit of money, ranging from US$3 to US$10 for a card. According to a report by The Gila Hearld, Troy Partin, 32, was arrested after a police officer checked his papers for a traffic violation.
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McDonalds employee steals cards to sell 2

According to the report, a police officer noticed that Partin was not stopping properly and checked on him. Soon after, police found that although he did not have a driver’s license, he was on his way to meet a friend. After searching the vehicle, police found a box containing 200 packs of Pokemon cards worth more than $100.
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McDonalds employee steals cards to sell 3

Partin testified that he bought the cards and intended to sell them to a friend, but police discovered that he was actually working for McDonald’s. After the store where he worked reported the stolen card number, everything came to an end for this offense.
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