Marvel at live-action female characters that are prettier than the original anime!


Played by the most famous “flowers” of the Japanese film industry, the following live-action anime female characters will make your heart flutter with their beauty!

Live-action is a live-action film adaptation of literary works, comics, animations or games. In Japan, manga and anime are two extremely popular forms of entertainment, so there are many live-action film adaptations of them.

Live-action anime adaptations, no matter how popular they are, will be stoned. One of the biggest reasons people don’t like live-action is because it’s hard for human actors to look like the characters in the movie.

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However, the following list is the complete opposite of that. Carefully invested in makeup, along with the excellence of the actors, the following live-action anime female characters have satisfied the audience’s expectations. Not only that, their beauty also makes many people flutter.

Soon, Lag will join you to see the female characters in live-action movies that are more beautiful than the original anime! Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

live-action anime

Character: Kagura
Actor: Hashimoto Kanna
Movie: Gintama

live-action anime

Character: Hayakawa Kyoko
Actor: Hashimoto Kanna
Movie: Kyo kara Ore wa!!

live-action anime

Character: Yumeko
Actor: Hamabe Minami
Movie: Kakegurui

live-action anime

Character: Menma
Actor: Hamabe Minami
Movie: Anohana

anime and live-action

Character: Mine Fujiko
Actor: Kuroki Meisa
Movie: Lupine the III

anime vs live-action

Character: Kinoshita Ninako
Actor: Airimura Kasumi
Movie: Strobe Edge

live-action anime

Character: Shinohara Erika
Actor: Nikaido Fumi
Movie: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

live-action anime

Character: Yoshioka Fubata
Actor: Honda Tsubasa
Movie: Blue Spring Ride

live-action is better than anime

Character: Yamato Rinko
Actor: Nagano Mei
Movie: My Love Story!!

live-action anime

Character: Kariu Rena
Actor: Ikeda Elaiza
Movie: ReLIFE

live-action anime

Characters: Ikarashi Iroha
Actor: Nakajo Ayami
Movie: 3D Kanojo Riaru Garu

live-action anime

Character: Fujimiya Kaori
Actor: Kawaguchi Haruna
Movie: One Week Friends

live-action anime

Characters: Miyazono Kaori
Actor: Hirose Suzu
Movie: Your Lie in April

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live-action anime

Character: Ayase Chihaya
Actor: Hirose Suzu
Movie: Chihayafuru

live-action anime

Character: Wakamiya Shinobu
Actor: Matsuoka Mayu
Movie: Chihayafuru

live-action anime

Character: Nakamura Sawa

Actor: Tamahiro Tina
Movie: Aku No Hana

live-action anime

Character: Enma Ai
Actor: Tamahiro Tina
Movie: Hell Girl

live-action anime adaptation

Character: Koyanagi Hanako
Actor: Nanao
Movie: Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

live-action anime kingdom

Character: Duong Doan Hoa
Actor: Nagasawa Masami
Movie: Kingdom

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live-action anime adaptation

Character: Akasaka Riko
Actor: Seino Nana
Movie: Kyo kara ore wa!!

live-action adaptation

Character: Saotome Mary
Actor: Morikawa Aoi
Movie: Kakegurui

live-action anime

Characters: Momobami Kiraki
Actor: Ikeda Elaiza
Movie: Kakegurui

live-action anime

Character: Teruhashi Kokomi
Actor: Hashimoto Kanna
Movie: Psychic Kusuo

live-action like anime

Character: Shinomiya Kaguya
Actor: Hashimoto Kanna
Movie: Kaguya: Love Is War

live-action most like anime

Character: Kamiya Kaoru
Actor: Takei Emi
Movie: Rurouni Kenshin

Image source: Lalaine.

Above is a series of live-action female characters who are more beautiful than the original. What do you think? Are Japanese actors doing their roles well? Do they look better to you than the original? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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