27 thoughts on “Lineup for ONE PIECE FILM RED premiere in France!!!”

  1. I randomly checked the cinema near me today and it had the movie so I bought a place for me and my sis lol I didn’t even know the movie was out.

    Edit: Is for tomorrow 7:PM tho also am from France too

  2. Send this reaction to TOEI, they absoluetly screwed this seasons publication of One piece Red up (for me), should have been published worldwide instead so that we all can have such a moment like the French – OP has become an institution for Anime, people in the whole world are going nuts because of this movie, while Japanese alone can never reflect such a reaction seen in the spoilers from theaters on YT (such as great crowd reaction, the french are great) Europeans and Americans, – forget that – all of us have a unique ways of celebrating this amazing movie. Now with all the spoilers out there, reactions like that will reduce and – well you know how it is with spoilers…

  3. I really wish they released it in Poland. Right now I work in movie theater so I know in advance when exactly ticket sales open up and can reserve/buy the moment they confirm time.
    And if they will release One Piece I’m gonna abuse this power and watch this movie everyday in best seats and “collect” posters before they are gone


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