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In just a short time, One Piece Film Red will be released to Japanese and international audiences. Before going to the cinema to see the movie, let’s take a look at all the information about the movie with Lag!

August 6, 2022, One Piece Film Red will open widely in Japanese cinemas. To help you have the best preparation, here is the information that Lag has gathered about this anime movie title.

One Piece Film Red plot

One Piece Film Red

The focus of One Piece Film Red is Uta – the world’s most popular singer/idol One PIece. Her voice is very attractive and there is something quite… out of the ordinary. In the movie, Uta will hold a huge liveshow at the music island of Elegia. The show attracted the attention of a large number of fans, pirates and marines. Why? Maybe it’s because… Uta is the daughter of the Red-haired Yonko Shanks and Luffy’s childhood friend.

Characters of One Piece Film Red

According to current revelations, One Piece Film Red will have the main character as the girl Uta and the Straw Hat crew. In addition, we will meet very interesting supporting characters/guests such as Akainu, Law, Bartolomeo, former CP9 member,… The detailed list of characters has been mentioned in detail by in the following article:

List of characters appearing in One Piece Film Red (UPDATE)

One Piece Film Red sunny

In a leaked image, the film will have the appearance of a creature that looks quite like the human Thousand Sunny. The true identity of this character is probably the only way to know until the movie comes out (maybe… it’s just a balloon).

Information about the heroine Uta

one piece uta

According to current revelations, Uta is the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks. She used to go to Shanks’ village of Foosha by Shanks’ ship and befriend Luffy. For some reason, Shanks left Uta with Gordon on a strange island. Later, Uta used her voice to become a famous diva.

Uta’s voice is described as strange, so we can guess that it comes from Devil Fruit powers. Judging by the judgement, perhaps her Devil Fruit will have something to do with “sound” or “music note”.

In the movie, Uta is voiced by Kaori Nazuka. Uta’s voice will be in charge of young singer Ado.

Currently, to promote One Piece Film Red, a special music project called Uta Project has been made. Regularly every week, singer Ado and other artists will release music products to serve the audience. In addition, a Youtube series with Vtuber, Uta, also broadcasts short videos every day for this girl to communicate, chat or provide information to the audience.

Details of the projects can be found here:

One Piece Film Red releases new trailer, revealing special music project ‘Uta Project’

Is One Piece Film Red canon or not?

One Piece Film Red showtimes

What many viewers wonder at the moment is whether the content and details of One Piece Film Red are in the main story of One Piece or not. So far, we know that the script of One Piece Film Red is produced and supervised by Eiichiro Oda – so maybe the movie details will be canon?

However, if you consider the timeline of One Piece Film Red, if it’s a canon movie, everything is quite… weird. In the trailer, we see that the Straw Hats have added Jinbe, but Yamato is nowhere to be seen. According to the original story line, Jinbe entered the crew just before the Onigashima war started. Maybe… Jinbe finished the tape, then we all went to listen to idols sing. Based on this, Lag thinks that One Piece Film Red will not be canon. However, we cannot ignore the case that some movie details will be confirmed as official in the future.

One Piece Film Red premiere time

One Piece Film Red

In Japan, One Piece Film Red will hit theaters on August 6, 2022 in regular and IMAX versions. France will be next with a screening schedule on August 10. On the 19th of the same month, Taiwanese cinemas will begin serving the film.

Other countries, including Vietnam, do not yet have specific showtimes. However, with the heat of the Straw Hats, Lag believes that One Piece Film Red will be available in cinemas in our country soon – probably around the beginning of 2023 similar to One Piece Stampede or earlier.

One PIece Film Red Showtime in Vietnam!

one piece film red

UPDATE: It seems that One Piece Film Red is so hot, so CGV recently revealed an image indicating that this cinema system will soon premiere anime in Vietnam. As always, the film will be brought back to Vietnam with cooperation from TAGGER. This means that movie-based specials will also be available in Vietnam!

With One Piece: Stampede, limited products were donated/sold at Kim Dong Publishing House. According to Lag’s sources, perhaps One Piece Film Red will be similar. The novel adaptation of 99% will also be published by the Kim family.

According to Lag, perhaps One Piece Film Red will officially hit Vietnamese theaters between September and October 2022. The best case is probably that we will see the movie in early September. later than the Japanese market but this is the right time for stakeholders to be best prepared!

Next time, will continue to update new information about the anime movie One Piece Film Red. If you like it, be sure to follow along!

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