Konoha Ninja: Legend gives free VIP 5, gift package of VND 5,000,000 at Open Beta

The official game Ninja Leaf Village: Truyen Ky launched the official version at 10 am on August 9, 2022 with many attractive incentives for players as soon as they set foot in the game.

With the policy of treating players all the way, as soon as they set foot in the game Konoha Ninja: Legend MobileNPH Wetaps has given everyone a permanent VIP 5, hundreds of thousands of Key Gems, New Beginner’s Relay gift packs, Ninja Summoning Cards – Auxiliary allies… etc., accompanied by a Giftcode set containing many gifts Various in-game value up to 5,000,000 VND.

That is not to mention other free incentives from the awarding system when players have just reached a certain achievement or battle threshold in the game.

Ninja Konoha Mobile

On the other hand only with 20,000 VND is that you can immediately receive the super-strong Gaara shinobi S at the beginning of the game. In addition, there is a chance of x3, x4 value of Gems for you to freely use in important functions of the game such as Wheels, Do Giam, strengthen the shinobi, Teammates and Main Characters.

Belonging to the genre of role-playing games that support cross-platform play, Konoha Ninja: Truyen Ky brings a rare speed-winning experience in Naruto-themed games available in the Vietnamese market.

Ninja Konoha Mobile

Especially in this game you can go to battle at the same time with more than 9 characters and many other auxiliary and combat functions. This means that being in a game round opens up a lot of tactical calculations for you to learn in detail when arranging and mixing formations into battle.

Additional resonance from the table of Tribes to counter Earth – Water – Fire – Basket promises to create PK screens, boss killings, and battlegrounds full of brains between great shinobi masters within a maximum limit of 25 innings.

In addition, the game also applies a simple and fully automatic turn-based gameplay that makes players not have to manipulate too much. At this point, you just need to constantly foster, choose the direction to combine the characters to fight, and change the combat style at will immediately!

Although there is a moderate leveling speed, in return, the game Ninja Leaf Village: Truyen Ky opens the feature, operating continuously according to each reincarnation threshold of the main character. Make sure you have just finished experiencing this feature, and a new feature will open for you to learn and pursue without getting bored.

Ninja Konoha Mobile

In which the fostering features are extremely unique and familiar to players such as Breakthrough, Awakening, Training Ninjutsu, unlocking Summoned Beasts, Ring Tools, Six Paths, Tailed Beasts, Boundary, Chakra, Seals , The Book of Rings, Bronze Arts, Will, Thien Phu … or the game’s bustling series of activities are all available with World Boss, Clan War, Ninjutsu Chaos Battle, Last Valley, Escape Ninja, Fire Ruins. , Survival Ring, Painting Ba, Peak Burn, …

With a variety of PvE – PvP activities both at local and inter-server, Ninja Village: Truyen Ky promises to become even more attractive, especially in the later stages, when players have built a team. stable image, ready to face the great wars that await ahead.

Because of that, in this game, the ranking system is extremely diverse. Everything ensures everyone has a fair chance to compete against each other at all levels.

Ninja Konoha Mobile

Outstanding features you can only find at Konoha Ninja: Legend:

– Game Naruto role-playing general battle Toc Chien – Speed ​​victory!!!-

– Game Naruto fighting generals with PK Survival mode, Anonymous full of new!

– Gather hundreds of characters, thousands of ninjutsu from the popular Naruto manga/anime.

– Unique Gacha Wheel mechanism, different Recruiting ninja feature that no Naruto game has.

– Game Naruto standard original from graphics, features to content.

– Amazing battle scenes, cool shapes, happy sounds!

– Delight to recruit many Teammates & Ninjas, increase Breakthrough Level to help change the character’s form.

– Giving birth to children – Naruto Uzumaki’s whole family joins the fight!!!

– Non-stop challenges – Non-stop strengthening.

– The game allows you to fight across the server, fight between the server, not afraid of the lack of opponents.

Here everything you can Plow Without Loading!

– Free VIP level gives many valuable Gems and resources.

Sending a shared gift code for gamers to have a better start:





Instructions for activating the gift code:

In the game you need to play to [Cấp 30] then click on the main interface icon [Làng] at the bottom of the screen and then go to [Phúc Lợi] find [Giftcode] and proceed to enter the reward code via Letters.

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