just a FIRE wall paper pic of young to adult Luffy i saw randomly when i opened a new tab

just a FIRE wall paper pic of young to adult Luffy i saw randomly when i opened a new tab

3 thoughts on “just a FIRE wall paper pic of young to adult Luffy i saw randomly when i opened a new tab

  1. Hi SavageAssTrav, your submission was removed from /r/OnePiece for the following rule violation:

    ###3. Fanart/cosplay must directly link to the source
    * If the art in question is **original content (OC)** re-hosting on reddit/imgur etc. is fine. Please reply to this comment if you are the original artist.
    * This means you must submit the fanart as a link post. With the original source of the image on the artists website, as the url. Including the artist’s name in the title is polite.
    * The original source is almost always on pixiv.net, deviantart.com, twitter, instagram, tumblr or artstation.
    * **Here are some tools to help you find the original artist:** | [saucenao.com](http://saucenao.com/) | [Google Images](https://images.google.com/) |
    * The following websites are not valid sources:
    weheartit.com, pinterest.com, zerochan.net, dailyanimeart.com, alphacoders.com, any website with “wallpaper” or “booru” in it, etc… these are aggregate sites which only have re posted artwork.
    * **If the website with the art is hard to view on any occasion** (such is often the case with twitter), please post an imgur mirror within the body of a text post along side the source to the artists page. [Observe this post on /r/anime as an example of what it would look like.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/343209378737946625/383725450347937795/Screen_Shot_2017-11-24_at_21.07.26.png)
    * **If you edited someone else’s work, If you took inspiration from someone else’s work, if you copied someone else’s work, you still need to give the original artist credit.** This is required for anything other than official anime/manga/game art.
    * Limit yourself to **one fanart submission within approximately 24 hours.** A little flexibility will be allowed, especially with original content or official art unless it’s been posted in a noticeably spam-like way.
    * **Do not post art from the same user multiple days in a row.** Your account could be viewed as a promotional account under the self promotion rule and possibly banned. If you’d like to show people someone’s art, post an album either as a link post or in the comments.

    The full rule documentation of the subreddit can be read [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/wiki/rules).

    If you have questions about this removal, please [reach out to us in modmail](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2FOnePiece).


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