Information revealed in the interview between Oda and Aoyama (P2)

Author Oda (One Piece) and author Aoyama (Conan) appeared in a special interview and revealed many interesting information.

Information revealed in the interview between Oda and Aoyama (P2)

Information revealed in the interview between Oda and Aoyama (P2)

Author Oda said that he does not intend to let One Piece exceed 100 volumes. He wanted his series to end soon but at the same time wanted to draw more things. And the end is that One Piece has passed the 100th volume and everything is still unfinished.

What Saint Oda loves most is when he can draw islands, since entering the Grand Line he can unleash his creativity, unknown kingdoms, fierce seas, islands with cultures extremely special chemistry and climate…

When asked between the content and the drawing, which one did you have more difficulty with:

Aoyama: “Both of which made it difficult for me.”

O da: “I find it more difficult with the content, because I never get bored with drawing.”

When asked about working with editors:

Aoyama: “Editors would come to my house in the afternoon, talk about TV and magazines, and start discussing manuscripts at night, sometimes even staying up until morning.”

O da: “Me and the editors only work by phone.”

Oda said that he had been planning for Sanji’s past for a long time, initially assigning only Ba to have one brother. But the daughter likes Osomatsu san, so the father will give birth to a bunch of brothers for San.

Oda thinks that traditional Jump doesn’t have many strong female characters, so he tried to be like that. He is very fond of strong, capable women, such as Nami.

Oda noticed that Nami was popular in Japan, but the world preferred mature Robin-style women. Obviously, each country has different preferences.

Oda doesn’t feel confident enough to draw a romantic comedy manga, because it’s embarrassing. If you draw love in One Piece, I’m afraid you’ll lose a lot of fans.

Oda believes that the most important thing for manga is to be a tool to help people make friends.

Oda said that she usually doesn’t eat for 2-3 days in a row because eating makes her sleepy. However, if you eat, you will eat a lot. And every night he only sleeps about 3 hours…

Oda said he wanted to draw a manga about mecha (robots) after One Piece, but now he doesn’t. He felt that everything he wanted to draw was already in One Piece.

“If asked what I would draw next, I would say I want to draw One Piece again.” (Unfortunately, having Two Piece like Boruto makes fans cry.)

Information revealed in the interview between Oda and Aoyama (P2)

When asked how many years left until the last chapter:

Aoyama: “I finished drawing the last chapter. When I was in the hospital I was worried that I would die without Conan’s ending, so I had to prepare everything in advance.”

Aoyama kept the remaining time of the series a secret, saying that he might redraw the final chapter tonight.

O da: “I’ve said this many times and now I’m afraid the audience won’t believe me anymore. Personally, I want to finish One Piece in 3 years, even though I’m not sure I can.” (Oda also said earlier that the Wano Arc will only last for two years and the ending is nearly 5 years).

When Oda said that even though he hadn’t drawn the last chapter yet, he had already sketched out the idea for the notebook, Aoyama said he would steal it.

When asked about his plans after the end of the story:

O da: “Travel around the world for the rest of your life.”

Aoyama: “Half want to travel, half don’t, still wondering”.

Do the two authors have any surprises for fans?

Aoyama: “If Rum has two eyes, as well as a connection to this Akai’s father is Tsutomi, that would be great.”

O da: “Don’t tell him it’s a surprise, but the secret of the Drum Century is about to be revealed!”


Aoyama: “I don’t want One Piece to end before Conan!”

O da: “It’s hard to say in advance.”

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