28 thoughts on “Got up to Drum Island done 😋”

  1. This is awesome! Do you plan on working through every arc / island?

    Also curious if you’re drafting this with any software before building, or if this is all planned out and put together physically from the ground up

  2. I’ve thought about building cities in architecture scale, but never have I thought to make the islands from the SH journey. This is impressive, creative, and very well done. 9.5/10 (this is the highest rating I give to anything)

  3. Nami → doesn’t like robots but she likes Lego 😂

    You might wanna wait on the new world cause there are times where they go off-the-logpose-route and the choices are still infinite.

    Then again, for them it just has been:

    Fishman Island → Dressrosa → Wano

    (Yes, not counting Punk Hazard which can’t be reached by logpose, the tiny beach/island off Dressrosa, Zou, Wholecake island/Big mom’s territory and whatever the fillers had to add which I haven’t caught up to yet)

    Edit: dang… I just realized, Wano is gonna be quite the challenge, nishishishi~♪ 😝

  4. F’n incredible. This is such a unique thing i been following along for a bit now, i dont think id have the time, patience or $, but my hats off to you, respect bud. Job well done!!


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