Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world “fever”: Appearing in foreign films, receiving a rain of compliments from international media


Although many years have passed since its first appearance, the Golden Bridge is still a tourist attraction, becoming the pride on the tourist map of Vietnam.

As one of the new extremely popular tourist destinations, Da Nang Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills has made people admire and flutter by its magnificent beauty. Since the first appearance of the Golden Bridge, it not only created a fever in the country but also caused a “shock” around the world.

Masterpiece in the middle of the mountains

Golden Bridge belongs to Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist area, after 1 year of design and 1 year of construction, the bridge was officially inaugurated in June 2018. Like its name, the Golden Bridge has a characteristic yellow color that sparkles and stands out among the green nature.

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

The bridge is soft and bends like a golden silk strip, which is gradually taken into shape by the hands of the Supreme Being drawn from the mountain bed

At first glance, the bridge looks simple, just a wooden bridge nearly 150m long, 12.8m wide, at an altitude of 1,414 meters above sea level, with a gilded stainless steel railing design, lying on the side. on two giant hands carved out of stone as if sprouting from the side of a mountain. But what makes the bridge beautiful like a “legend” is in the hands created as if from a thousand years ago… In addition, many people also call this place a bridge in the clouds or a trademark saying of Ba Na. is the “way to the fairy scene” because standing on the bridge you will seem to be floating between the hazy clouds and the surrounding cool air.

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

Like a golden silk being supported on giant hands covered with moss

Causing a “storm” in the international media

Since its formation in the middle of Chua Mountain, the Golden Bridge has overcome the mission of a bridge leading visitors to the fairyland, but has become the symbol, the new muse of the Vietnamese tourism industry.

Only a short time after appearing, the Golden Bridge immediately created “shocks” in the international media. Continuously major news agencies from CNN to BBC, Reuters, AFP … to leading newspapers and magazines in the world such as National Geographic, New York Times, Time … reported and praised the “unique” bridge. this.

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

The Golden Bridge opens a path between the clouds so that thousands of visitors can enjoy the majestic and poetic natural scenery on the top of Nui Chua.

The famous news site Bored Panda used a very “cry” headline to post about the Golden Bridge. “Breathtakingly impressed with the newly opened bridge in Vietnam and it’s like in the movie “Lord of the Rings””has contributed to the reputation of Da Nang tourism reaching out to the world.

CNN newspaper (USA) describes Vietnam’s Golden Bridge causing a “storm” of world public opinion: “The Golden Bridge is a narrow bridge surrounding the mountainside, supported by old, mossy hands. The bridge is designed as Buddha’s hands lifting the golden strip. The project opens a path in the clouds, halfway up the mountain for tourists, becoming a very attractive destination for tourists in recent times.

According to The New York Times: “From the cliffs appeared a pair of giant hands supporting a golden thread, as if the mountain itself had grown hands.” The US news outlet Huffington Post asserts that this is the “Bridge”. most interesting ever seen”.

Continuously being praised, receiving beautiful compliments on international media, constantly surprising and admiring visitors on social networking sites, the Golden Bridge has been honored many times in the international arena, becoming become one of the pride of Vietnam tourism.

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world
The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

The Golden Bridge (Ba Na Hills, Da Nang) quickly becomes a tourist symbol of Vietnam

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

Representative photo of the Golden Bridge on the US Insider news site

The famous British daily newspaper, The Guardian, honored the Golden Bridge in “the top 10 bridges with the most unique and beautiful architecture in the world”. The Independent newspaper, with 58 million readers daily, announced the Golden Bridge (Ba Na Hills) in the “top 10 unbelievably beautiful bridges”. The US news site Insider introduced the Da Nang Golden Bridge as one of the 28 most impressive bridges in the world.

In August 2020, the famous American newspaper TIME honored the Golden Bridge in the Top 100 most wonderful destinations in the world. A year later, the Golden Bridge was awarded the “Special Certificate of Excellence” in the Property Guru Vietnam Property Awards 2019, which took place in Ho Chi Minh City.

By the end of 2020, the World Travel Award – the award dubbed the “Oscars of world tourism” has also awarded the Golden Bridge the title of “The world’s leading iconic tourist bridge 2020”. In 2021, the symbol of Danang Golden Bridge continues to impress when it surpasses 11 other nominations from around the world, winning spectacularly at the World Travel Award 2021.

The “muse” of the art world

Now, although many years have passed, since the day it aired, Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge has never cooled down. Not only is it an interesting virtual living spot for every visitor when coming to Da Nang, but the phenomenon of “Golden Bridge” is like a mecca of artistic creations.

The Golden Bridge has transcended from an ordinary architecture to become a new tourism symbol of Vietnam, a muse of artists. The Golden Bridge seems to have become the source for top-notch creations from the fields of music, sculpture, to fashion, all of which become shimmering in the magical beauty of the Golden Bridge.

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world
The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

The mecca of artistic creations that are both magical and ancient

Most recently, Golden Bridge, Da Nang became an inspiration to resonate with international friends when appearing in the movie “The Sandman” – an American series that is receiving global love when it marks the handshake between DC Comics and the “tycoon” of online movies Netflix. In the film, there is a scene that has been discovered by Vietnamese audiences because it reminds viewers of the Golden Bridge – a famous building in Ba Na Hills.

The image of a curved bridge supported by two giant hands reaching out of the water in front of the castle of the character Mong De in the opening episode made Vietnamese audiences especially excited. According to fans of DC comics, the bridge with two supporting hands is completely absent from the original story work. The producer of the film Sandman also admitted that this image of the bridge was inspired by Vietnam’s Golden Bridge because they love the surreal material of the bridge and the way it is expressed through the scale and combination of natural and artificial.

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

Da Nang Golden Bridge with a unique design reaches out into the sky under the support of two stone hands

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

The producer of the film Sandman admitted that the image of the bridge in the film was inspired by Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

Celestial’s hand in Eternal also reminded the audience of the Golden Bridge

Since its appearance, the Golden Bridge has become a pride for those who have ever set foot in it. The Golden Bridge has once again affirmed the attraction of tourism products created by people, in addition to the beauty and natural attraction endows each destination.

Aspiration to elevate Vietnam’s tourism in the international arena

The Golden Bridge appears as a new wonder, with praise from the world media, which is already a new symbol of Danang tourism, even the desire of many international tourists. The number of international visitors to this coastal city since the Golden Bridge has increased to an unprecedented record.

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world
The Golden Bridge in Vietnam makes the whole world

Recognizing the impact of the Golden Bridge phenomenon is not an exaggeration to say that these unique and new experience products are the way to bring Vietnam’s tourism industry to the sea.

From a new symbol of Da Nang tourism, a phenomenon of international media, Golden Bridge has once again dignified steps into the world, to become a global tourism icon. That honor is not just for Da Nang, but moreover, it can be considered the pride of Vietnam’s tourism industry, when we are not only known to the world for its beautiful nature but also admired. by man-made creative tourist projects such as the Golden Bridge.

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