Goku Voice Actor: Goku Will Win Super Man!


In a recent interview, the voice actor of Goku Dragon Ball shared that if Goku fights Superman, Goku will win! His reasons are as follows:

Goku VS Superman who wins?

This is a question that many, many, many comic book fans have always wondered. First of all, Goku of Dragon Ball is an extremely popular character of Japanese manga and anime. This character has an impressive fighting ability, having defeated countless powerful enemies in his story. As for Superman, he is the most famous hero in the DC Comics universe with almost god-like strength.

A character with outstanding manga power, Japanese anime confronts the fan-favorite superhero from Western comics. Goku VS Superman – who will win? The answer is really difficult because these two characters can’t really confront each other.

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Goku voice actor says Goku is stronger than Superman!

goku is stronger than superman

Recently, IGN newspaper had the opportunity to interview with Goku’s English voice actor – Sean Schemmel. Among the questions, IGN cleverly “ask” Sean’s opinion on the Goku VS Superman match. Extremely bluntly, VA Goku replied as follows:

Goku is a god. There are two possible cases. One is if the Earth is not in danger. Goku will now invite Superman to come close to the sun to charge Superman, then Goku fights with him. If the Earth is in danger, Goku will fight for as long as he can. If he fails, he can teleport Superman to another planet without the Sun, where Superman loses all of his powers and Goku wins.

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Sean Chemmel’s answer received a lot of sympathy from DB fans but was not very popular with Superman fans. That’s right, because Sean is a VA after all, he’s just a spectator, his opinion can’t be generalized to everyone. That is why today, the controversy about this match is still very exciting with the match almost not leaning on either side.

Goku’s voice actor has an interesting script, right? How about you? What do you think about Goku vs Superman’s fight? Do you think Goku will defeat Superman or vice versa? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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