Fans are excited about JAV whose ‘main character’ is Anya Spy X Family!?


It sounds very wrong, but it looks like the adult cosplay company is about to release a new JAV title with the main character being Anya Spy X Family. Making an adult movie with Anya? It sounds like you’ve eaten bricks! However, the reaction of the fans is not like that…

About Anya Spy X Family

Anya Forger is the main female character in the anime and manga Spy X Family. Anya is an esper who can read the minds of others. After escaping the secret research center that wants to abuse this power, Anya wanders in various kindergartens. She was then fortunately adopted by Loid and became the “daughter” of the Forger family.

Based on her appearance, Loid guessed that Anya was only about 4-5 years old. However, because she wanted to be adopted by Loid, Anya claimed to be 6 years old. To this day, the girl’s real age is still a mystery.

Anya is clearly a child, a pure and innocent “baby child”. However, perhaps because she is so popular, an adult film maker in Japan has “chosen” Anya as the main character for their next movie title!

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CosDeluxe makes JAV movie about Anya Spy X Family!

CosDeluxe is a small “company” specializing in making 18+ cosplay JAV titles. CosDeluxe has been operating for quite some time and has released many outstanding products with the main characters being Megumin from KONOSUBA, Barbara from Genshin Impact, Nezuko from Kimetsu No Yaiba,…

yor spy x family

In addition to DVD JAV, CosDeluxe also produces Photobooks. Recently, they posted a series of photos of JAV actor Tojo Natsu cosplaying as Yor of Spy X Family. The set of photos is quite discreet, but it cannot be ruled out that they will make a movie about Yor in the future.

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Now to the main part of this article. A few days ago, CosDeluxe posted “teasing” images, showing that they are preparing for the Anya cosplay product.

anya spy x family

spy x family anya

On August 10, 2022, CosDeluxe revealed the actor who would play Anya. She is Aoi Kururugi, a JAV actor and singer born in 1998. CosDeluxe also has a short video of Aoi moving as implicitly confirming that this will be their next JAV work.

Turning a child into an adult movie character – it’s wrong to hear it! Everyone will object, right? Fanart Anya who’s a little revealing is already getting hate but why is it even acceptable to do a JAV movie? Right?

… Right?

java anya spy x family

The reality is now quite the opposite. On social networking sites, many people are interested in this idea of ​​CosDeluxe. They also expressed their love for Aoi Kururugi when she cosplayed as Anya.

My friend likes children. He’ll probably want to see the movie.

Anya Kururugi is so pretty!

Well, if she’s pretty, that’s fine.

Not impeccably!

When will there be a movie like that, looking forward to it.

It’s unclear if the above comments are serious, but their support for the film is clear.

If assessed objectively, Lag thinks that there are still people who are willing to oppose this movie title. However, CosDeluxe’s ​​social media pages don’t really have a lot of followers, so comments may only come from “loyal fans” of the company.

And you, what do you think about this upcoming JAV Anya Spy X Family? Do you expect it or oppose using the Anya image? Do you think CosDeluxe “dare” to make real movies or do they just stop at photobooks? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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