Fanart One Piece: What if you combined the Straw Hats with Kaido’s Beast Pirates?


What if the entire Straw Hat Pirates had the beast devil fruit of the Kaido beast leader? What would they look like, and how insanely powerful would they be? Let’s take a look at the answer below!

About the straw hat

The Straw Hat Pirates are the protagonists of the manga and anime One Piece. Each of them plays a different role on the ship and has very unique combat abilities.

Among the Straw Hats, Luffy, Robin, Chopper, and Brook are all members of Devil Fruit—the rest mainly rely on personal skills to fight. Out of the above 4, Luffy is the only one with a mythical animal – Hito Hito No Mi: Nika Fruit.

So, what if the entire Straw Hat gang had Devil Fruits? What if all members got Zoan Devil Fruit from Kaido’s Beast Pirates? The answer will be in the next section immediately.

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Fusion of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Beast Pirates

Recently, an artist and One Piece fan, Raizo Art, experimented with One Piece fan art by combining the Straw Hat crew with the Devil Fruit abilities of the most powerful members of the Beast Gang. The end result is very interesting – let’s take a look at Lag.


Devil Fruit: Uo Uo No Mi, Model: Seiryu – Kaido.

A fanart


Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Allosaurus – X-Drake.

A fanart


Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Ptaranodon – King.

A fanart


Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Pachycephalosauru – Ulti

A fanart


Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Triceratops – Sasaki.

A fanart


Devil Fruit: Zou Zou Nomi, Model: Mammoth Jack.

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A fanart


Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus-Queen.

A fanart


Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Spinosaurus – Page 1.

A fanart


Devil Fruit: Kumo Kumo No Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli – Black Maria

A fanart

magic weapon

Devil Fruit: Neko Neko No Mi, Model: Saber Tiger – Who’s Who.

Bonus: Also wondering what would happen if the entire Straw Hat team had Devil Fruits – specifically Hito Hito No Mi, model: Nika, an artist named Norridzuan Art created the following unique One Piece fanart:

A fanart with a straw hat

Pictured above is the One Piece fan art when the Straw Hat set merges with the Beast set, and the “bonus” gift when the entire Straw Hat set has Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika. What do you think of the fan art series above? Are they impressed? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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