Fan reviews Anime Classroom Of The Elite season 2 bad too bad!

Returning after many years of absence, the anime Classroom Of The Elite season 2 received a very strong reception from the global audience. However, with the current declining quality, the anime inevitably receives negative reviews from the audience!

About the anime Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite season 2

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi No Kyoushitsu E – Classroom Of The Elite – Classroom Of The Elite is an anime adaptation of the light novel of the same name written by Shougo Kinugasa. The story is set in a school full of talented people and they are sorted into 4 classes according to their achievement rank. Class D Kiyotaka is originally a genius but hides himself under the guise of “average”. After some events, he decided to take Class D past the upper classes.

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Anime Classroom Of The Elite is an anime adaptation by Lerche, airing the first part of 12 episodes in July 2017. After a 5 year absence, Classroom Of The Elite has finally returned with part 2 and coming soon part 3. !

Fan reviews of Classroom Of The Elite season 2 anime are getting worse and worse!

anime classroom of the elite season 2

The first part of Classroom Of The Elite was highly appreciated for its engaging storyline, memorable cast of characters, and well-done audiovisual. After 5 years of waiting, the fans of The Performance Enhancement Class can now follow the story they’ve been waiting for. However, the quality of this part is showing a decline – even a bit sloppy by the production team!

Classroom Of The Elite is bad

The most criticized point of Classroom Of The Elite season 2 is the visuals. The image of this season is no longer as elaborate as the previous one. Now it’s like a pot of rice that’s been cooked sloppily: some are delicious, some are awkward, some are burned! The important scenes in the anime are still well done, but in many parts, they look really bad! Sometimes the character design is “deformed” too!

In Classroom Of The Elite season 2 episode 6, a supporting character that was supposed to be in the back was lying on top of the character in front! This is clearly an error from the negligence of the film crew.

Classroom Of The Elite

Some viewers also commented that Classroom Of The Elite season 2 has a not-so-smooth animation. Panning scenes are also used a lot, in order to reduce production costs and efforts.

On review platforms like MyAnimeList, Classroom Of The Elite still has quite impressive scores. However, the attraction of the film now lies mainly in the plot, but the visuals are still heavily criticized. Many fans also hope that the third part of the anime will be bid by another studio, but it’s getting worse and worse, it’s too difficult to watch!

Why does it feel like Kiyotaka’s eyes are getting farther and farther apart.

OP is even prettier than the anime.

Watch because of the plot, this art is okay.

How beautiful is the light novel but now the anime is like this.

Bridge is part 3 change studio.

Above is a review of the anime Classroom Of The Elite season 2 of fans. How do you think? Is the Performance Improvement Class getting worse? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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