Discovered beauty in the past, the hottest female streamer in China was turned away by fans


When a series of past photos of the famous female streamer were revealed, she had to face the backs of a large number of fans.

Phung De Mac (Feng Timo) is always mentioned as one of the top streamers in Chinais not only famous as the number 1 hot girl, but she is also known as the top high-earning streamer in this country of billions of people.

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According to the statistics, each month this streamer can earn an amount of up to 1 million yuan (equivalent to 3.2 billion dong) and Phung De Mac’s annual income is estimated at about 100 billion VND (including tax and other expenses).

edema of the face without surgery

As a female streamer with only normal skills, Phung De Mac has made a strong impression on gamers thanks to her beautiful face, grace, and lightness when interacting with fans. In addition to being a full-time streamer, this girl surnamed Phung is also engaged in a singing career and her fanbase is not inferior to that of A-list singers in China.

edema of the face without surgery

However, in recent times, the number of fans of Phung De Mac is showing signs of serious decline. The reason is explained that a series of past photos of this female streamer were suddenly leaked and shared strongly on social networks and forums in China.

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edema of the face without surgery

edema of the face without surgery

With a less beautiful face compared to the present time, she was judged by many people that she relied on cutlery and technology to get her current popularity.

While there’s nothing wrong with having plastic surgery to look pretty, for many fans it’s like they’ve been cheated on by this female streamer for years.



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