Chainsaw Man: All about Power – Waifu the ‘president’ of ten thousand people in Saw Man


Crazy, crazy, and still because, the Blood Devil Power in Chainsaw Man is somehow still extremely loved by the audience. In this article, let’s learn all about this ‘presidential’ waifu!

Who is Power?

Power is one of the main characters of the manga and anime series Chainsaw Man. She is a Blood Demon – or rather, a Blood Demon with the form of a girl aged 17 – 20. In the manga, Power is a demon hunter of Makima’s special team.

Fact: From an episode in the story, Power has an interesting nickname – the president. On social networking sites, you can also come across funny Presidential Power fanarts.

In the anime version, Power is voiced by Ai Fairouz. Details of Chainsaw Man’s seiyuu animation can be seen here:

Anime Chainsaw Man drops a brand new trailer, revealing the cast of seiyuu participating in the voiceover!

Power’s personality

Power chainsaw man

Power is a pretty different girl compared to the waifu we’ve seen in manga and anime. She has the appearance of an adult but her personality and thoughts are no different from that of a child. Power is quite dirty, often go light and heavy without flushing. She also rarely goes to the bathroom to clean her body.

Fact 2: Power is a Blood Devil, so she only likes to eat meat and hates vegetables.

Because of not staying clean, Power also has a rather messy and loose lifestyle. She only does what is beneficial for herself and does not care much for the people around her (although this has changed a bit later). Power also has a pretty comfortable lifestyle and mindset. You used to shower with Denji too!

Power’s appearance

chainsaw man Power

Most of the time, the “president” appearing in the eyes of readers is a beautiful girl, with long straight hair, red eyes and characteristic serrated teeth. Power’s body is also slim and toned, looking very strong. Power’s beauty is enhanced to a higher level with a white shirt, black tie and trousers.

An impressive point of Power is her round 1. If you just watched Chainsaw Man, you’d think Power was “big boobs”, right? Actually, this girl is quite squishy. The other round 1 is just breast augmentation.

Fact 3: Power’s breast pad is so popular, that it even won the TOP 25 in Chainsaw Man’s second most popular character ranking with 2,330 votes.

When transformed into Blood Demon form, Power will have up to 4 arms. The body part from the chest to the head has changed quite strangely. Her body is also almost completely “nude”.

Power of Power

the power of Power chainsaw man

As a Blood Demon, Power has higher movement stats than the average person. Her sense of smell is also extremely sensitive to the scent of blood, allowing her to track down any enemy.

When fighting, Power will turn her own blood or the blood of those she comes into contact with into a weapon. In Chainsaw Man, the spear and hammer are the two weapons that this girl likes the most. In addition, in his demonic form, Power can create thousands of blood swords to attack enemies.

One advantage of Power is that she can heal or become stronger by absorbing blood from other demons. It would be very dangerous to let her grow, so Power is often drained of health to make it easier to control.

Power also has a special ability to transfer blood and energy to others through contracts. This move is a double-edged sword, so she only uses it when there is no other way.

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Power is still alive or not?

During the final events of the Chainsaw Man Part 1 manga, Power became part of Denji, thereby giving up his own body. In a way, Power died in Chainsaw Man, but she is still living in Denji’s body. Power has many, many fans. I don’t know in the coming chapters, does the author plan to turn the car and revive this character? Let’s wait and see!

Above is all about Power – the most popular waifu manga and anime Chainsaw Man. Do you like Power? Between Power and Makima, who do you like more? Leave a comment to chat with Lag!

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