Chainsaw Man 103 spoiler prediction, chap 102 explained: Saw-Man Denji Appears and Disappears…


Chainsaw Man 103 spoiler prediction, chapter 102 summary: With an epic comeback, it is highly likely that Saw Man Denji will continue to “crawl” in hiding so that the main character Asa has more time to appear.

Summary of Chainsaw Man 102

chainsaw man 103

Title Chainsaw Man 102: Save The Cat.

At the beginning of the chapter, Asa and Yuko run for their lives in the face of the Bat Demon’s pursuit. After a while, Yuko was stabbed in the leg by an iron rod, losing the ability to run. Yoru spoke up, advising Asa to turn Yuko into a weapon immediately or else they would both lose their lives. This was the only thing Asa could do right now.

Kill her, if you want to live.

Asa thought for a moment… and chose to take Yuko and run away! As if sensing death near, Asa remembered the past when she was a child. Several years ago, the Storm Demon attacked her family. Asa, trying to save a cat caused her mother to die.

Asa then remembered Yuko’s words the day they “played catch” together:

Even if my actions turn out to be wrong, it’s okay because I did exactly what my heart told me.

Because of that statement, Asa believed she was right in trying to save Yuko. She tried to run, run and run… But the Devil Bat swallowed them both.

Is that the end of the story? No. Still. Because Saw-Man Denji has come to the rescue! Well, that’s not true either. Actually Denji is here because he is fighting another big demon. Demon Bat being killed was just luck.

After a while of fighting, which Lag will not describe in detail so you can experience it for yourself, Denji kills the demon (later we learn it is the Demon Cockroach). The chapter ends with Denji saving a cat’s life.

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Chainsaw Man 103 spoiler prediction

chainsaw man 102

Rub. Chainsaw Man 102 continues to be a chapter worth pondering. First of all, Asa was very conscious when she was determined to protect Yuko despite the fact that she would die. This action can be seen as a good action, a “not giving up on people”, thereby temporarily turning this character into a “front” of the story.

What about Denji – the character we always look forward to meeting? When threatened by the Demon Cockroach to choose between saving a male student or a car, Denji did not hesitate to ignore both and rushed to cut the demon! He had no intention of saving people, which true heroes would. Even Denji was happy to have saved a cat. Is it because Denji is sober knowing that if he doesn’t deal with Demon Cockroaches, more people will die or does he simply not care who will lose their lives?

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The detail that Denji saved the cat is a connection to Asa. Also for saving the cat, Asa “harmed” her mother to death. This continues to be a connecting construction between Asa and Denji as what Lag has analyzed before.

Back to the main content. Asa is lucky to be alive. So what will happen to you and Yuko? Let’s take Yuko to get her feet repaired first. Yuko will probably add a fan of Denji for being “saved” by him. Asa might think a little differently because of her prejudice against the Saw-Man.

Can we keep watching Denji? Maybe no. The main character is still Asa. Now it’s possible to change direction to follow Denji but sooner or later you have to return to Asa to know how she develops.

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Chainsaw Man 103 Release Time

Taking a week off, Chainsaw Man chapter 103 is scheduled to be released on MangaPlus at 10 pm, August 30, 2022. Predictions and spoilers will be revealed. Updates as soon as possible, so be sure to stay tuned!

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