Carlo Bonomi – the voice of the Pingu penguin and the Noot Noot meme dies aged 85


Over the weekend, actor Carlo Bonomi passed away at the age of 85. He was the one who voiced Pingu and the extremely popular Noot Noot meme in recent times.

Who is Carlo Bonomi?

Carlo Bonomi (born 12 March 1937) is an Italian voice actor who is best known for his work voicing Mr. Linea from the animated series La Linea , and Pingu and many other characters from the stop-motion children’s television series Pingu .

Carlo Bonomi - the voice of the Pingu penguin and the Noot Noot meme dies aged 85

He has voiced many characters for the Italian commercials Carosello. The language of noise, which he developed and used for Osvaldo Cavandoli’s La Linea 1971-1986, was reinterpreted for the hit TV series Pingu on SF DRS in the first four seasons produced from 2005. 1990 to 2000, where Bonomi expressed all characters without script. His grammar was originally intended to be a parody of the milan dialect, and it was inspired by the bamboo abstract languages ​​commonly used by clowns in France and Italy.

When in 2003, HIT Entertainment bought the rights to the show, Bonomi was replaced by London-based voice actors David Sant and Marcello Magni.

In 1984, he created laughter for the animated series Stripy. In 1985, he recorded railway announcements for Milan Central Station and remained in use until 2008. Bonomi is also very active as a voice actor in Italian radio dramas, and is the Italian voice of several popular cartoon characters, including Mickey Mouse and Fred Flint.

In 2008, he joined the voice of the yellow tribe in the film Spore, this was also his last role before retiring from acting later that year.

Who is Pingu?

A character loved by children and parents, Pingu has been very familiar on the small screen since 1986. Because of his bravery, nothing makes Pingu more excited than exciting adventures in Antarctica. . Although sometimes causing trouble, Pingu always gets help from friends and family and learns valuable lessons.

Immediately after this information was announced, the Twitter community expressed their love to him with a series of posts of gratitude for what he did for everyone.



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