Boruto 73 spoiler prediction: Dating mission – Kawaki ‘dropped out’ Ada?


Boruto 73 spoiler prediction, chapter 72 summary: Code turns the Ten-Tails into a humanoid army. Is he preparing to conquer Konoha? At the same time, Ada goes to Konoha to go on a date with Kawaki!

Summary of Boruto 72

As promised, Amado called Shikamaru to arrange to bring Ada and Daemon to the village. He also gave a little bit of information about the current Code’s situation. After answering the phone, Shikamaru called Naruto, Team 7 and Kawaki over to discuss.

Boruto packed his things and left the house. He caught a glimpse of Momoshiki’s figure. He tells Boruto that he will lose everything soon. When that time happens “I will take over that body and live Boruto’s life for you”.

Elsewhere, Code takes Bug to the Ten-Tails. Code uses his powers to “reform” the Ten-Tails, turning the giant creature into smaller “humans” with the same Claw Mark usage as Code. A new army has been born!

Boruto 73 spoiler prediction

boruto 73

By transforming the Ten-Tails, Code from a lone villain now has a powerful army. With a military force like this, it is within reach to bring troops to conquer Konoha. However, Code will temporarily not do so. After all, the new Ten-Tails were just born. Perhaps he will need to exchange and get used to them a little longer.

While Code is temporarily immobile, Konoha will hold a “welcome” for Ada and Daemon. Kawaki is currently Ada’s target so he will be an extremely important factor. Shikamaru’s intentions may be to draw Ada to their side, so he will most likely come up with a plan to make Ada “drunk” Kawaki. Chapter 73 will be a dating mission? Let’s wait and see.

Engaging Ada and Daemon as allies will be very beneficial in the upcoming war. The Naruto generation can now be considered “quite weak”, so the “playground” will probably be ceded to the young shinobi.

Through Ada, Kawaki will also learn more about Amado’s plans and plots, thereby understanding what he needs to do. Boruto’s condition is pretty bad. Perhaps in a few chapters, when Code attacks, Boruto will lose control, giving Momoshiki a chance to take over his body.

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Boruto 73 Release Time

Boruto chapter 73 is scheduled to be released in the evening September 20, 2022. Spoiler information will be updated by as soon as possible.

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