Bleach anime production put other projects on hold!

Returning to Thousand-Year Blood War, the Bleach anime was recently “contaminated” that the process of being a film had caused other projects to be delayed. What is the truth about this, let’s see with Lag.

About the anime Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War is a project that got the green light five years ago, when Tite Kubo’s original manga ended not long ago. True to its name, Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War will adapt Bleach’s final story arc with the main content being the battle between the Grim Reapers and Quincy.

Produced by studio Pierror with an extremely large staff and voice actors, Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War will definitely be a masterpiece of the fall 2022 anime. However, “epic” is also popular. own suffering.

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Bleach anime production caused other projects to be interrupted

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War

Recently, the voice actor of the character Ishida Uryu, seiyuu Sugiyama Noriaki had an extremely interesting share about the production process of Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War. He said that this last part of Bleach’s animation had a large number of voice actors involved and that had a significant effect on other anime.

Specifically, seiyuu Sugiyama revealed the number of actors who must be present to record every day for the episodes. According to the list, there will be about 80 people voicing in one day!

I heard that on the days of Bleach recording, other anime projects could not continue.

This is quite understandable. To serve the above number of voice actors, studios almost have to dedicate their entire studio to them. As such, it is difficult for other anime projects to come in. In addition, because the seiyuu of Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War also had many people participating in other projects, when recording Bleach, they were forced to adjust their schedules.

Anime Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War

Seiyuu Morita Masakazu (Kurosaki Ichigo) and Orikasa Fumiko (Kuchiki Rukia) also confirmed what Sugiyama Noriaki shared. Seiyuu Morita added:

When I participated in other anime projects, I was scolded a lot. When I filled my schedule with Bleach, they asked if I couldn’t do anything else and both the producers and my reps complained. All I can do is apologize.

According to the currently revealed information, Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War will air in 4 seasons with about 50 episodes. It seems that in order to make the work easier, the film crew will have to prepare better in the future, right?

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War anime airtime

Although there is a lot of work to be done, Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War is now ready for the audience. It is expected that Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War will air regularly for 1 week/episode at 0:00 from October 11, 2022. New information about the movie will be updated by Lag as soon as possible, so please remember to follow along. keep track.

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