BAKUGO JUST DIED!? Deku's Rage Will Destroy EVERYTHING! – My Hero Academia Chapter 359

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49 thoughts on “BAKUGO JUST DIED!? Deku's Rage Will Destroy EVERYTHING! – My Hero Academia Chapter 359

  1. Guys bakugou isnt dead. Later on in the manga (two days later from when he supposedly died) he wakes up in a hospital with his classmates surrounding him. Bakugou is alive.


  2. Some people are now so mad over this drama, they are fucking sending DEATH THREATS to the creator over a fucking FICTIONAL CHARACTER. The MHA is getting out of hand 💀


  3. On those saying Bakugou dead.  Until 
    Horikoshi confirms he's dead fir good there is hope.

    Number 2.
    His heart was pierced. 
    Not blown up People have survived having their heart stabbed through and messed up.

    A cardiac stab wound is an uncommon and potentially lethal injury. With appropriate treatment, better than 90% of those admitted alive will survive.

    The body is made of liquid. Sweat is liquid Bakugo sweats  nitroglycerin which  the same compound that is used as a medication for Heart Failure . 

    There is a chance Bakugo could live.


  4. I think the author really hates to draw deku that's why we don't see him in last 3 to 4 chapter


  5. Theory: Everyone mentions that AFO could be Deku's father. What if it's true and Deku doesn't have a quirk because AFO stole it before it was active.


  6. My boy bakugo needs to make a moment like guy from Naruto plus ultra, I wanna see his hotblooded self be fearsome, please DO NOT NERF HIM


  7. Lmao what an overrated anime with a naive MC that the world always revolves around with love and friendship power shit


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