Author Oda revealed the current New Four Emperors from 20 years ago


Fans have just discovered an extremely interesting detail that Oda shows the current New Four Emperors with the same cover photo from 20 years ago.

Author Oda revealed the current New Four Emperors from 20 years ago

Author Oda revealed the current New Four Emperors from 20 years ago

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or because the author Oda actually had an arrangement before the current New Yonko, including: Red-Haired Shanks, Straw Hat Luffy, Blackbeard and Buggy “clown” have contributed. face in a cover art from a collection of stories published 20 years ago. It is the One Piece manga volume 25 that was released on September 4, 2002 with the official title “The Man worth 100 million”.

About the information of the Four Emperors at the present time, we can summarize as follows:

Buggy: Leader of the prison team who escaped from floors 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Impel Down, a pirate with the ability to expand across the seas and recruit more and more “juniors” under his command, along with Best Lucky and unmatched Haki in One Piece, from the One to the Four Emperors, the author Oda has lowered the power of Buggy too much.

I don’t know if the author Oda really suggested the New Yonko from volume 25 of the One Piece manga or not?

Blackbeard: The power spiked after the battle of the Headquarters, the only one who possessed the power of Two Devil Fruits after “fighting the council” Whitebeard, occupied most of the territories previously protected by Whitebeard. , cleaning up the remnants of Whitebeard (but still unable to eradicate Marco’s group), stationed on the old island of Rock D Xebec, sending soldiers to hunt powerful Devil Fruits to enhance the ice’s power for terror purposes. influence the world situation.

Luffy: Form an alliance with Kid and Law to defeat 2 Yonko, possessing the power of Mythical Zoan: Hito Hito no Mi – Model: Nika, prepare to reach One Piece and discover the truth of the empty century, temporarily Protecting Fish-Man Island and possibly Wano in the near future, allied with 5,600 troops with other Pirates after the Battle of Dressrosa.

Shanks: The king of blowing out the candles, the lord of bets, the god of war, abandoning his children (Uta in the upcoming Red movie, even causing Usopp’s father to leave), acting cool with children in exchange trust (showing off his hand to Luffy), likes to threaten the elderly (intimidating Haki on the white ship), showing danger when talking with the Five Elders, etc. In general, information about Shanks is still useless. the same vague, even up to the present time (more than 1000 chapters), viewers still do not know what the real purpose and role of this character is.

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