Appears a mod that turns Kermit into Spider-Man

Kermit can now shoot webs and fly around buildings

The reason why Sony put Spider-Man on the PC platform is probably just to make money, but one of the main reasons that players want to experience this game on the PC platform is that they can touch it once. extremely creative way – more specifically using mods. And for that reason, bringing legends in the meme village into Sony’s game is a sure thing.

A fairly new mod included in this game quickly became viral when it allowed gamers to turn Spider-Man into the Kermit frog – an extremely famous icon. Made by Tangoted, it swaps Spider-Man’s advance suit for Kermit the green frog and this mod actually works incredibly well and smoothly. It even appears in a few cutscenes, showing that the mod maker’s skill is extremely good.
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In another development, there was a gamer who modded Spider-Man’s suit to become… Uncle Ben’s grave. And indeed, this mod turns your character into Uncle Ben’s tombstone, with full details just like in the movie. But if you use this tombstone then you will most likely go to hell.
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