Anime: Top 5 best movies about Urban Fantasy genre


Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs is a perfect example of anime with a modern urban fantasy plot, combining superpowers, international criminal alliances and famous authors at the same time. The story is about Nakajima Atsushi – a boy who has just been ‘deported’ from an orphanage, lost his only home, he is extremely desperate and is trying to find a place to hide, hiding from a tiger. a monster he believes is stalking him. One day, by chance meeting Dazai Osamu, a man representing the Armed Detective Agency in Yokohama, he conceived and gave Atsushi a place to stay.

Anime Bungo Stray Dogs

At its core, Bungo Stray Dogs Is one anime about members of the Armed Detective Agency and their enemies possessing different superpowers. The characters are named after famous authors and poets from around the world, and their abilities are a reflection of specific works from that artist. Bungo Stray Dogs is a anime Fantasy city is extremely worth seeing.

Tokyo Ghouls

College student Kaneki Ken wants nothing more than a simple life, and a casual, carefree date with a nice girl he likes. However, that ‘nice girl’ – Kamishiro Rize is a man-eating demon, Ken is her next meal. After a fight broke out, both had an accident, Ken was operated on to save his life, however, they transplanted Rize’s organs into him.

Anime Tokyo Ghoul

Becoming a cannibal hybrid separates Ken and both worlds. Ken constantly curses his present life and the tortures of his enemies have turned him into a more merciless, darker man than in the beginning.

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Anime tells the story of the problems happening in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, where competition between gangs and brokers, super-powered bodyguards and headless motorcycle riders is a regular occurrence. .

Anime Durarara!!

Durarara!! is a movie with a weird but very unique plot, the film’s characters are also very eccentric. Each of the strange characters has a unique heat that brings Ikebukuro to life, drawing the audience deep into the mysteries lurking in the back alleys of the film.

Link Click

Time travel seems to be a familiar and boring genre in the universe animehowever Link Click proved that to be completely false. This film is about three young entrepreneurs, who have formidable abilities, they always find a way to make a profit, as well as often cause trouble for others. Lu Guang is dedicated to branching out time travel through old photographs his clients give them.

Anime Link Click

However, his partner Cheng Xiaoshi is even more special, he also has the ability to go back in time to when the photo was taken and even possess the subject’s body for a short time.

Link Click takes us on multi-part adventures of life that focus on the importance of seemingly small things, but ultimately mean a lot to the client, and the responsibilities of the photographers as well. TB. Summary, Link Click It’s a very watchable movie.

Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black – a series of films by Studio BONES that tell about the mysteries that exist around famous cities around the world.

There are Two Gates that have been around for 10 years, the Gate of Heaven in South America and the Gate of Hell in Japan, transforming the familiar night sky into an artificial starry sky. Along with the appearance of these gates, the so-called Contractors appeared, each contractor is an entity of a false star in the sky, they exchange their humanity to be able to be Possessing supernatural powers, when using heavy force they have to do very meaningless things, this is considered as a price to trade when owning and using that ability.

Anime Darker Than Black

One day, a legendary assassin possessing the power of BK201 star – Hei unexpectedly encounters Misaki Kirihara, he and his comrades are on a mission of a mysterious and brutal organization, the film also gradually reveals the plans of people in the future….

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