Anime Haikyu announces 2 new anime movies – fans criticize ‘better not to do’!


While the community was waiting for the Haikyu season 5 anime, the production side suddenly announced that the story of the Karasuno volleyball team would end with two theatrical films called Haikyu!! Final. Thought this was good news, but the community wasn’t very happy…

What is Haikyuu?


Haikyu (Haikyuu!!) is a volleyball sports manga written by Haruichi Furudate. The manga was released in February 2012 and ended in July 2020 with a total of 407 chapters. Currently, Haikyu has been released in Vietnam under the name Little Giant.

The main character of Haikyu is Hinata, a male student who has a strong passion for volleyball but has a very short stature. In return for that, Hinata can jump very well, “flying higher” than anyone. After entering high school, Hinata became a member of the Karasuno high school volleyball team. With her new teammates, Hinata begins her day of training and taking on opponents from around the country!

In 2014, Haikyu was adapted into an anime. by Production IG Up to now, the animated series has had 4 parts along with many attractive movies. After the manga ended in 2020, fans of this work have been extremely looking forward to seeing the ending of the story in the Haikyu season 5 anime. The long wait has finally ended when the production side announced it. new animation project information…

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Anime Haikyu will end with 2 anime movies!

Recently, at the event “Haikyu!! X V.League Allstar Special Match ‘Volley Ball'”, the film’s production side suddenly announced that Haikyu’s final story will be adapted into two films. theater instead of anime season 5. These two movies will be called Haikyu!! Final, which plans to adapt the entire final sequence of the original manga.

If nothing changes, Haikyu!! Final will still be made by Production IG The main seiyuu who accompanied us in the previous installments will also reprise their roles in the next two movies.

Fans are disappointed that Haikyu season 5 was replaced by 2 movies

Haikyu final

After Haikyu!! Final was announced, Haikyu fans were excited. However, many viewers did not lose their agreement with this approach. The unadapted portion of Haikyu’s story is 110 chapters including 5 story arcs. The duration of the two movies in theaters is only 5-6 hours at most, how can you go through all 110 chapters?

You’ll probably miss an arc by peeing like this!

The Haikyu manga is over, they did it to save money.

The rest of Haikyu makes at least 3 more seasons!

Probably going to have to cut quite a bit here. Well, it’s better than nothing, but I don’t know how…

At this point, I’d rather watch the manga.

What a great way to ruin a compelling series. Better not do it!

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haikyu final

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, making movies in theaters also makes it difficult for international audiences to watch movies. Assuming the film is released in theaters in their country, it will be quite late compared to Japan. In case of bad luck, fans will probably only have to… watch pirated if they want to know Haikyu’s content!! Final.

Facing mixed responses, the Haikyu anime production team and related parties have yet to respond. Perhaps they will still stick to their choice.

What do you think about Haikyu!! Final? Are you looking forward to the movie? Do you prefer Haikyu with season 5 rather than 2 movies? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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