About Ranko, the maid hitting the Fall 2022 anime in Sensou, Akihabara!


As the protagonist of the new original animation to be released in early October 2022, Lanzi left a very strong and unique impression on the audience, and suddenly became the hottest maid of the season. Who is this girl? Learn all about Ranko with Lag in the article below.

About Akiba Meido Sensou

Akiba Meido Sensou is an original animation by PA Works. The film belongs to the action comedy genre and will air on October 7, 2022. “Akihabara” is set in the spring of 1999, in the famous “otaku” street Akihabara. Nagomi is a newcomer and she aspires to be a famous maid. Nagomi applied for a job at a small maid cafe. There, she met Lanzi, a multi-talented senior maid.

Who is Lango?

Akiba famous teacher

Wannian Lanzi is the protagonist of the anime “Akihabara Meitang”. In the movie, she is voiced by Rina Sato, a female voice actress who has played the roles of Misaka Misaka in The Sorcerer, Rei in Sailor Moon, Kaoru in Tenjin, or Kuro in Kuroki Sorcerer famous for wood.

In the main story, Ranzi is a maid, but she is actually a 35-year-old woman. With many years of experience, Ranko knows Akihabara Street very well, and also knows the “life” of the maids on this street. Based on the current development, Ranko was introduced as a “newcomer” to the Oinky Doink Cafe. The details of why a seasoned 35-year-old is a rookie may be explained further in the future.

Lanzi’s Appearance and Personality

She is over 30 years old, but Lan Zi has a very young beauty. Her face exudes a womanly coldness and grace that is pleasing to the eye. This interface coupled with a serious and strong personality makes Lanzi even more impressive, quite different from the usual maid models.

Lango’s ability


At Akiba Meido Sensou, Ranko offers its customers less than… dealing with competitors. For some reason, Lan Zi is very proficient in the use of firearms. She can handle all enemies with ease, and her talent for “dancing on the battlefield” is extremely adept.

Contrary to his professionalism on the battlefield, Lanzi is rather clumsy when serving clients. However, this is also the “uniqueness” that makes her popular with some customers.

At present, Akiba Meitang’s Ranko is still a name talked about by the world’s animation fans. Akiba Meido Sensou may not be able to compete with super products like Chainsaw Man, Bleach or My Hero Academia. Still, wouldn’t it be surprising if Ranko topped the list of most popular anime characters for fall 2022?

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