4-year-old pony becomes mayor of a town


Patrick – a 4-year-old pony has been declared mayor of Cockington village in Devon (United Kingdom).

Patrick the Pony is so named because it was born on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17). Patrick is often seen in the local pub called The Drum Inn. Here, Patrick has his own special area and is allowed to drink a whole pint of Guinness.

The Shetland foal became a regular at the pub after owner Kirk Petrakis (42) took him there to help locals struggling during the Covid pandemic.

Patrick the horse has his own area at a bar in the village

After Cockington’s mayor, Don Mills, died in 2019, about 200 locals signed a petition in favor of making Patrick the next mayor of the village.

“We believe Patrick will be an outstanding Mayor for Cockington, as it is nonjudgmental, genuinely cares and supports everyone,” Petrakis wrote on the petition.

Patrick has now been appointed the town’s “unofficial mayor” and even has his own office.

The famous pony also participates in social events with many local politicians. Member of Parliament Kevin Foster and local councilor Andrew Barrand made a special appearance to attend the ceremony to make Patrick the unofficial mayor.

In addition to being mayor, Patrick also works in hospitals, acting as a therapy animal at the mental health ward. Patrick even has a children’s book published with the title: “The Adventures of Patrick the Pony: Ten Ducklings”.

People in the village excitedly took pictures with the new mayor

The owner Petrakis notes that Patrick is also the mascot of the War Horse Memorial and has helped raise thousands of pounds for human charities. Not stopping there, Patrick is also the official mascot of the Devon Restorative Learning Community, a partner of the NHS, supporting many people with mental health.

Mr Petrakis told the Mirror, “We think Patrick The Pony has made history by becoming the UK’s first pony Mayor.”

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